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Apartment Cleaning Hawthorne

Do you spend your weekend cleaning your apartment?

Cleaning an apartment is quite a chore. Cleaning the carpets, curtains or couch can be extremely time consuming and tiresome. It is not feasible for a working professional to take care of the cleaning chores on a regular basis.

And therefore, you need a professional to take care of your apartment cleaning. Queen Carpet Cleaning is a professional apartment cleaning and carpet cleaning service based in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Stay Calm. Hire Queen Carpet Cleaning.

We offer complete apartment cleaning in Hawthorn and nearby areas!

Come to a clean, fresh and dirt-free apartment after a long hard day at work. Our skilled professionals not only cleans the carpet but also tidy up your couch, curtains, blinds, tiles and grout.

Every apartment is different. So, we offer a customised solution that suits your requirements and needs.

Our professional cleaners are adept with knowledge about a different type of carpets, curtains and tiles.

Also, we help you with a clean apartment at the end of the lease. When you move out of an apartment at the end of the lease, we take care of all the cleaning tasks. Hand over a clean and tidy apartment.

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Why Choose Us for Apartment Cleaning in Hawthorn?

  • Our efficient team of friendly and reliable cleaners ensures you get a spotlessly clean apartment.
  • With our rich experience of ten years of experience, we specialise in handling various cleaning tasks with ease and efficiency.
  • We are verified apartment cleaning service. Our cleaners are hired only after their backgrounds are thoroughly checked.
  • We use high-quality cleaning material and equipment to ensure you get effective results and best value for your money.

To get more information about our apartment cleaning services in Hawthorn, call us now on 0405 161 424!