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Certified water damaged restoration services

Queen Cleaning provides flooded water damage drying service in Melbourne. All our restoration experts are IICRC certified with a combined experience of more than 35 years. With an unpredictable weather pattern in Melbourne, your home or office is more prone to flash flooding. It could occur because of pipe leakage, washing machine overflow, sink overflow, burst water pipes, bath overflows and sometimes spillage.

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No matter the reason for your carpet becoming wet, Queen Cleaning can help you in the restoration of your carpet as well as structural drying. Our use of the latest technology in carpet cleaning will dry the carpet faster and more efficient compared to traditional methods.

24 Hours water damage cleaning service

Water spills in your home is a serious issue as it contributes to making a breeding ground for mould spores and mildew growth.

You need to contact a professional expert urgently because the longer you keep your carpet wet, the higher the chances of damaging the carpet as well as the damp smell will emerge from the moist carpet making it worse for elderly and asthmatic patients to breathe appropriately.

water damage carpet drying

Also, depending upon the amount of water, the emergency varies and you may have to act swiftly to initiate the restoration service in your home.

Queen Cleaning experts will take the necessary measures to remove the excess water, dry the flooded carpet and implement precautionary measures to avoid mould growth. Call us to let us know the house situation, we can be at your home or office within one hour to start the restoration exercise.

Do not try to use DIY methods at home. They are not efficient and they often increase the work of professionals. Do not use bleach or do not use fans to dry. The air rotation within the room increases the humidity and makes the scenario worse by making the structure prone to mould and fungus growth. It can cause secondary damage to your structure which are not immediately visible but appear in the long run.

Our emergency team can take care of the carpet cleaning and carpet sanitising with odour control.

Handling all carpet restoration in Melbourne with IICRC certified method.

Our experts will follow the process and prevent further secondary mould contamination at your premise. The process is as follows:

Carpet assessment:

Water Damage Restorations near meWe also determine the extent of the damage caused to arrive at the cost and the hours of work required to complete its restoration work. In this assessment, we also look at the underlays, sublayers, carpets, surrounding structures, furniture and walls.

Defining the scope of work

Once the assessment is done, we decide on the specific process and outline the approach and can fairly provide the scope of work involved in the restoration. We will estimate the cost at this stage and will let you know if the items can be salvaged or not depending upon the damage and our assessment.

Excess water extraction

To initiate, we remove excess water from the affected area by using a heavy-duty water extraction machine. The vacuum with significant airflow will extract the water effectively making it easy for drying the structure. This process is heavily dependable because it removes the excess moisture from the surroundings which eliminates the possibilities of mould growth and mildew spores.

carpet drying with vacuum

Anti-bacterial sanitisation and odour control

We use anti-microbial solution and treat the affected area with sanitiser and odour control to remove the damp smell of carpet and reduce the spread of bacteria on carpets and surrounding structures. This process is to be carried out at all the times continuously during the process to avoid secondary damage. When the carpet and structure get wet, it can have an unbearable dump smell and this process eliminates it.

Ongoing monitoring

The restoration program is to be continually monitored at all times and we keep our clients informed of all the stages and the time it can take to finish that stage and the time remaining for the rest of the process to complete. This process helps the clients to learn more about the restoration program and understand the critical nature of it.

carpet drying and cleaning equipment truck mountedOnce the water is extracted, we use high-tech air movers to blow air onto your wet carpets, subfloor and underlays to remove the excess moisture present on it and then simultaneously use the dehumidifiers to absorb that extracted moisture released in the air during this process.

This moisture must be absorbed or else it could affect other secondary items nearby such as furniture, walls and other concrete things which could bring in more damage months later. We will also lift your carpet if necessary to dry underneath and absorb moisture from underneath to ensure you get perfect subfloor.

Reporting and Insurance work

We will provide final reporting once the restoration work is successfully completed. We also provide you with the report to help you with your insurance claims for a smoother settlement with your insurance company.

Why choose Queen Cleaning?

When you hire Queen Cleaning, we’ll use our expertise to guarantee your home is completely restored from the water damage situation. Customer satisfaction is our priority. You will receive the first-class service through our:

  • Quality cleaning equipment and 100% non-toxic products
  • Over 10 years of experience in carpet cleaning
  • Same day cleaning service
  • 24/7 emergency availability
  • Round the clock 7 days, a week cleaning
  • Customisable cleaning packages to suit your needs

Hire our restoration service today in Melbourne

Looking for a reliable carpet cleaning service? We understand how stressful it is taking care of your home or office. Our dedicated cleaning crew will restore your carpets in the fastest possible time.

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