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Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Ashburton

Carpets are one of the trendiest decorations in your house or office space. From your receiving area to your bedroom, it gives a sense of luxury and comfort every time you look at it and step on it. However, thoroughly cleaning your carpets are not just vacuuming them every day.

To ensure a clean and fresh carpet all-year-round, we recommend you to book for a carpet steam cleaning service like Queen Cleaning Services. A cleaning service would ensure that dirt, soil, grime, and other unseen pollutants like allergens are completely removed.

What We Do

Queen Cleaning Services offers a carpet steam cleaning process that deep cleans your carpets. We have certified technicians who use non-toxic detergents mixed with hot water to extract the dirt and grime from the surface down to the base of your carpets.

To thoroughly clean your carpets, our company offers a 9-step carpet steam cleaning process as follows.

1. Pre-inspection

Your carpets will undergo an initial assessment from our registered technicians. They will assess the degree of dirt, stain, and even the type of cloth or thread of your carpets. They will inform you of the process that will take place while issuing you a quote.

2. Vacuuming the Carpet

Pre-vacuuming is necessary, especially if you have furry friends at home. Our technicians will initially remove the visible dirt, grime, and pet fur so the next cleaning process will be easier to execute.

3. Pre-Spraying and Spot Treatment

Pre-vacuuming only removes the visible dirt on the surface of your carpets. Pre-spraying will shake up the dirt and pollutants deep-seated in the fibres of your carpet. Consequently, our technicians will apply suitable non-toxic solutions to areas with stains or spots.

4. Steaming

Steam cleaning your carpets allows the stubborn dirt, pollutants, bugs, mites, and other unseen contaminants to rise from the base of your carpets. Our technicians will combine non-toxic detergents with hot water into a high-pressure jet and set the pressures and temperatures accordingly.

5. Vacuuming the Carpet

Once the steam engages with the fibres of your carpets, our technicians will post-vacuum to sweep all the dirty water and detergent.

6. Post Spot Treatment

Another inspection will take place to guarantee the cleanliness of your carpets. Some stubborn stains may be visible; hence, our technicians will retreat the areas with mild chemicals.

7. Deodorizing and Applying Protector

Steam cleaning your carpets is not the only way to extend the life of your carpets. Although it comes with an additional price, deodorizing and applying protector is recommended by both carpet manufacturers and carpet steam cleaning services like Queen Cleaning Services to maintain the quality of your carpets.

8. Grooming

Grooming decreases the drying time of your carpets. Aside from that, it also improves the appearance of your carpets after cleaning. Moreover, it infuses the deodorizer and protector into the fibres down to the base of your carpets.

9. Final Inspection

The cleaning process will end with a final inspection by our technicians along with you. It is to ensure that before they leave your house, your expectations of a clean, fresh, and deodorized carpets are met. They will further give you tips on how to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your carpets.

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning in Ashburton

Personal or regular vacuuming only cleans the surfaces of your carpets. Hiring a professional cleaning service like Queen Cleaning Services gives you more than just a clean carpet.

1. Removal of Pollutants

Visible dirt and soil are not the only reasons for unhealthy air in your house. Carpets are home to allergens, cigarette smoke, and composites from paints.

2. Prevention of Dust Mites Infestations

Carpets accumulate dust mites and bacteria, which affects not only the air that you breathe but also your skin when brushed against the carpets.

3. Prevention of Mould

During snowy and rainy seasons, the internal of your house, in general, accumulates moisture from the outside. Moulds love moisture, and your carpets are the primary go-to habitat.

4. Longer Lifespan of Carpets

Carpet manufacturers, along with carpet steam cleaning services like Queen Cleaning Services, recommend a twice a year cleaning to ensure the quality and beauty of your carpets.

5. Fresh and Clean Carpets

You can now watch your favourite TV shows while lounging on your carpet when you are sure that your carpets are clean and fresh as new.

Rug Cleaning Service Ashburton

Queen Cleaning Services innovates over the years of services; hence we do not only provide carpet cleaning but also rug cleaning services. We have services for all types of rug materials regardless of its colour, fibre type, or texture.

Couch Cleaning Services

As we continue to provide you with better quality service, we additionally offer couch cleaning services on our menu. Along with our technicians, we ensure that your couch is clear of dust, allergens, dust mites, odours, and stains.

Why Use Professional Services Like Us in Ashburton

Queen Cleaning Services is a household name in Ashburton for years. Our years of experience in the industry, along with our certified technicians, ensures your carpets, rugs, and other properties are still in good-quality and looking new after the cleaning process. As the company innovates, the equipment and tools we use cater to your cleaning needs.