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Carpet Cleaning Lynbrook

With the great benefits of carpeting, whether at home or business centre, it is no wonder that lots are still purchasing carpets of different sizes for their spaces. Carpets decorate your spaces with colours, patterns, and cuts that suit the owner’s style statement.

But like any other house accessories, carpets also have their own setbacks. Carpets accumulate dirt, dust, dust mites, allergens, pathogens, and pollutants that may be harmful to you and your entire family. That is the reason why hiring a professional carpet cleaning service regularly, at least twice a year, is necessary to avoid the damaging results of air and carpet contaminants. Queen Cleaning Services in Lynbrook ensures that you have a cleaner, fresher, and sanitized carpets throughout the year.

What We Do

end-of-tenancy-cleaningQueen Cleaning Services, one of the top cleaning services in Lynbrook, provides high-quality carpet steam cleaning services to both residential and commercial spaces. With the years of experience in the industry, along with our certified carpet technicians, we ensure that your carpets are in good shape after the cleaning process. We use mild, non-toxic, and biodegradable solvents to remove dirt and grime from your carpets.

To execute our mission of safe, economical, and high-quality service, Queen Cleaning Services follows a 9-step cleaning process in removing any germs, dirt, and grime from your carpets.

1. Pre-inspection

An initial inspection is the first step to the cleaning process. Our certified technicians will examine the condition of the carpets’ dirt and stains. They will issue a quote and begin the process upon your approval.

2. Vacuuming the Carpet

Pre-vacuuming your carpets is necessary to remove the noticeable soil, dirt, and grime. The process also helps loosen up the remaining particles, which are deep-seated in the fibres of your carpets for a smoother steaming process.

3. Pre-Spraying and Spot Treatment

Our certified personnel will pre-spray your carpets to ease off the stubborn and unseen pollutants from the base of your carpets up to the tip of its fibres. Additionally, our technicians will pour non-toxic solutions to any visible spots in your carpets.

4. Steaming

Once the pre-spraying loosens up the remaining pollutants, carpet steaming will take place. Our staff will combine hot water and non-toxic detergents into a high-pressure jet while setting the temperature and pressures at a suitable degree.

5. Vacuuming the Carpet

An essential part of the process is post-vacuuming the carpet. It is to ensure that even the tiniest hazardous compound and contaminants leave your carpet down to its base.

6. Post Spot Treatment

In case of stubborn spots will still be visible right after the steam cleaning process, our experts will treat the stains again with non-toxic solvents and ensure that your carpets will be stain-free.

7. Deodorizing and Applying Protector

Carpet manufacturers and even cleaning companies recommend that you add deodorizing and protector services to your cleaning needs. Although it comes with a price, it helps extend the life of your carpets while maintaining a sanitized carpet until the next cleaning schedule.

8. Grooming

We do not only provide you post-vacuuming but also carpet grooming. The process helps remove the excess dirt and pollutants from the previous process. It also helps in infusing the deodorizer and protector down to the roots of your carpet’s fibres.

9. Final Inspection

Finally, before our technicians leave your house, they will perform a final inspection to assure you that the cleaning process has been done thoroughly and is in line with your expectations. Furthermore, they will give you some tips on how to preserve the quality of your carpets down to the next cleaning schedule.

Benefits of Carpet Steam Cleaning in Lynbrook

vacate-cleaning-melbourneHiring a professional carpet steam cleaning service like Queen Cleaning Services not only assures you of a cleaner and fresher carpet but along with the following benefits.

1. Removal of Pollutants

Regular vacuuming can remove visible dirt and soil, but a professional carpet steam cleaning service will remove all the allergens, paint composites, and even cigarette smoke clinging to your carpet.

2. Prevention of Dust Mites Infestations

Unseen allergens, dust mites, and tiny bugs cause harmful reactions to your health when you breathe the air surrounding your carpets. Steam cleaning can guarantee that these bugs and mites will no longer cling to your carpets.

3. Prevention of Mould

During the winter and snowy seasons, mould thrives drastically to areas in the house that accumulates moisture. Your carpets are one of the favourite homelands of moulds.

4. Longer Lifespan of Carpets

Even carpet manufacturers advise carpet owners to steam clean your carpets at least once a year to further extend the lifespan and quality of your properties.

5. Fresh and Clean Carpets

You can now walk on your carpets barefooted and comfortably sit while watching Netflix when you know that a professional carpet steam cleaning services like Queen Cleaning Services did an awesome job of making your carpets clean and fresh.

Rug Cleaning Service

Aside from carpets, Queen Cleaning Services also provides rug cleaning services to both residential and commercial spaces. As we innovate, the techniques and solutions are being modified by our certified technicians to cater to your rug classification, such as texture, colour, and type of fibre. We bring back the versatility of your rugs like it is brand new.

Couch Cleaning Services

We believe that cleaning services do not only focus on one or two specialties, but that is also why Queen Cleaning Services expands its business in the couch cleaning services. There’s no need for you to book separately as we do all categories in the couch cleaning services such as the type of cloth, dirt, stain removal, or steam cleaning as well.

Why Use Professional Services Like Us in Lynbrook

Queen Cleaning Services’ mission is to provide its clients with high-quality service at a great price. Our cleaning services spread throughout Lynbrook with our specialty in carpet steam cleaning. We supplementary do a wide range of cleaning services to keep your home dust and dirt free, sanitized, and stain free. We provide extensive training to our technicians and staff to improve the quality of services we offer. Our equipment and tools are innovating over time to offer you a cleaner and fresher carpets and upholstery cleaning needs.