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Couch Cleaning Cape Schanck

Busted! Avoid these common misconceptions for Couch Cleaning

There is tons of misleading information bombarding the internet about facts and myths for couch cleaning services. As a professional, Queen Carpet Cleaning, we have curated some expert advice to keep looking spick and span. Tease the common cleaning blunders that would help you with your fabric furnishing keep at bay. 

We wandered around and asked more than 3000 homemakers how frequently they cleaned their sofas. Almost a quarter cleaned once a month, and the same number cleaned their sofa once every few months. Amongst 1 in every ten have never cleaned their sofas, while others seek professionals, Couch Cleaning Company is equipped with state-of-art equipment and tools worth protecting and sustaining its beauty. 

We debunked some of the myths and ditched some of the issues you should avoid when following a couch cleaning regimen. 

couch cleaning

  • You should not vacuum or clean the sofa frequently

When it comes to couch cleaning, many people have a fixed mindset that frequent vacuuming can disgrace the color of your sofa and deteriorate the texture. But the fact is, whether we are binge-watchers or looking for nooks to gulp our coffees, couches endure all tears and wear. Although dust and debris would be visible at first glance, they can imbibe within and impact your health and your family.

 A comprehensive cleaning from Queen Carpet Cleaning can potentially reduce allergic triggers while maintaining the pristine conditions of your luxury statement pieces. 

  • All fabrics could be cleaned with off-the-shelf solutions

There are pretty common rules when it comes to upholstery furnishings. Regular vacuuming can declutter your fabric and stuffing from dirt and debris settling down. However, the best approach for spot cleaning is quick and instant action. Before the stains saturate within couch fibers and become stubborn, it’s possible to remove spills and spots before they invade stuffing. 

There is no one size fits all. No particular off-the-shelf solution is formulated for all kinds of Couch cleaning. We highly recommend dealing with specifically formulated chemical solutions to avoid shrinking, color bleeding and get impeccable results as a Couch cleaning service. 

  • Clean with the hottest water 

Different materials call out different cleaning tactics; if you are not careful, you might sabotage your couch and worsen the situation. Hottest water can scald off fibers and must be treated with care using the right products. Hot water can be ideal for marble, granite, and other flooring surfaces. Instead of hot water, use warm water along with appropriate diluted chemicals. Professionals at Queen Carpet Cleaning undertake the job proficiently without damaging your couches or fabric distortion. 

  • Dry Cleaning is not a feasible option

Whether it’s your Persian, oriental, or contemporary couch materials, Dry Cleaning is a viable option to bring colors back to life and eradicate saturated dirt and dust. Over time your couch will deteriorate the fabric and knock off the luster in the natural dyes and fibers of a rug. However, dry cleaning solvents in convenience stores are not feasible options. 

Couch Cleaning in Schanck professional services ensure that all the cleaning solvents are lab-tested and environmentally friendly. Dry Cleaning does not cause color bleeding or any other harm to your couch while protecting your investments. 

Couch Cleaning Cape Schanck Professional services 

Treating small stains, rejuvenating freshness to your upholstery sofa is great for enhancing the longevity and beauty of the furniture. Although DIY can save you from a dilemma, it can still save you to some extent. Opting for the professional cleaning services of Queen Carpet Cleaning, Couch cleaning experts can help you tackle all your couch and upholstery Cleaning regimens coupled with top-notch cleaning services and Avant-grade cleaning products. 

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